There are three categories of membership: full membership, associate membership and honorary membership.

Full membership

Full membership is given to individuals who make intellectual and/or financial contributions to the establishment, maintenance, and development of the organization. Full membership is also given to cardiac imaging specialists who contribute DICOM image data for over 250 cases in total. Full members have the right to vote in the corporation.

Associate membership

Associate membership is given to physicians who donate state-of-the-art echocardiograms, computed tomograms, and magnetic resonance images. To gain associate membership, anonymized raw DICOM image data of the cases must be provided with high image quality. The image data–including contrast-enhanced 3D angiograms, 3D SSFP, or GRE whole heart image and available cine images–should be accompanied with the patient’s demographic information and a brief summary. The IMIB-CHD will decide whether or not to accept the provided cases by assessing the image quality, educational value, and availability of similar cases in the repository. An associate member who contributes more than 250 cases in total to the repository will be invited to become a full member.

Honorary membership

Honorary membership is given to individuals who contribute non-image based educational materials, structured chapters or articles, or teaching sessions.

  • For up to 25% of the number of total cases that a member contributes to the repository, sets of models selected from the member’s own donated cases will be provided to the member free of charge, on request.

  • Full members and associate members will receive a 25% price discount when ordering models selected from the central library.

  • Full members and associate members will receive a 25% price discount for rapid prototyping of clinical cases.

The IMIB-CHD owns the copyright for academic and commercial use of the anonymized image data.